Ocean Aesthetics expands offerings

Ocean Aesthetics

The staff of Ocean Aesthetics — from left: Carlye Hammond, Diane D’Ambra, Trish Poston, Patti Buchanan, Wanda Molloy and Rosemary Georgio — specializes in a variety of services as a day spa in Englewood. The spa is located at 3821 S. Access Road.

ENGLEWOOD — When Wanda Molloy opened Ocean Aesthetics off State Road 776 in February, she started to tap into the potential the new space offered her for a full-service day spa.

‘I live in Rotonda and drive by this every day,’ Molloy said. ‘This location is great. It’s up high, you can see it really well from (S.R.) 776, and the visibility is great. It’s got great signage, which was already in place. We’ve always been in 900 square feet or less, and this is 2,200 square feet, so I have a huge amount of space here to do what we want to do here.’

Molloy, who specializes in skin care and permanent makeup, recruited some friends to join her in the venture.

‘Currently, there are three hairstylists, a nail technician who does manicures and pedicures, and a masseuse,’ Molloy said. ‘From time to time, I have somebody that helps me in the front desk.’

While clients wait to be serviced, the spa also functions as a jewelry boutique.

‘I’ve had jewelry for a while, for three to four years,’ Molloy said. ‘I have a larger space now. So I expanded jewelry and bought more jewelry, but I’ve never had a day spa.’

Molloy has no plans to expand the jewelry store online, but may expand the boutique further within the facility.

‘Some point down the road, there’s a porch in the back of the building, and I want to enclose it to make it a usable room, usable space,’ Molloy said. ‘If that happens, I will expand the boutique, because I have a large room … on the other side of that wall, and I would want to expand the boutique into that wall. That’s the only little bit (of) plan that I have for the future, but won’t be right away.’

Ocean Aesthetics is active in the community, from fundraising for K-9 Search and Rescue to the Cash Mob, a community group that supports local business.

‘All of us are pretty active with outside activities,’ Molloy said. ‘They are always training, like very few days out, they’re training with these dogs and that’s where that comes in. We’re all animal lovers. We do a lot for (the) Suncoast Humane Society. I used to be a volunteer there, but that got to be too emotional for me. I started doing it at the thrift store, and that’s a lot of fun. We all like to volunteer.’

The facility works with the Englewood Chamber of Commerce on a variety of functions.

‘We attend events with them, and if any events that are going on that we can sponsor gift certificates for any charities,’ said Rosemary Georgio, a hairstylist, ‘we offer gift certificates to everyone.’

Employees praise the relaxed atmosphere and expanding network of clientele.

‘It’s great,’ said Carlye Hammond, a hairstylist. ‘Everybody gets along. There’s just a lot of camaraderie.’

Hammond used to run her own facility, but since she started working at Ocean Aesthetics, she finds herself very busy.

‘We all brought our own clients with us,’ Hammond said. ‘It all came to the same spot. That was good. We can always refer each other clients.’

Molloy may expand spa services in the future.

‘I have a friend of mine who does fillers and Botox,’ Molloy said. ‘There’s a possibility down the line that there may be somebody here, not all the time, but somebody offering that service here on a somewhat regular basis, maybe a monthly basis. I spoke with her recently.’

Ocean Aesthetics is located at 3821 S. Access Road. For more information, go to http://www.oceanaesthetics.com, or call 941-475-1111.


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