EIC candidates hard at work with projects

ENGLEWOOD — Three candidates are working closely with the Englewood Incubation Center board of directors to help develop and promote their products to potential customers as part of the entrepreneur program.

“Some are closer to fruition than others,” said Don Musilli, president of the EIC. “We’re working with each candidate to help refine their ideas to put (them) into production.”

Englewood residents Cindy Googins and her dad David Arp run the Recycled Plastic Factory at 530 Paul Morris Drive, Englewood. Their idea is engraved Adirondack chairs made from recycled plastics. The company has obtained a license from Guy Harvey to put his artwork on the chairs.

“We’ve approached restaurant and beverage chains to put their advertising on our chairs,” Googins said. “We’ve also approached colleges about putting their logos on the chairs.”

Arp acquired the business when he purchased the property in a real estate transaction.

“We realized it was a viable business, so we kept it,” Arp said. “Cindy changed our business model, and it took on a life of its own.”

Arp took the role of investor, while Googins took the role as managing member. Arp and Googins said they’re looking for a third party to help manufacture the product, but eventually will take over production in the long term.

“Dave and Cindy are ready to go,” Musilli said.

David Voigt, from Englewood, is developing multiple products: the Bow Ladder Bracket for recreational boats to allow passengers to leave off the bow; and a rack system to transport kayaks and paddle boards on boats, called the Outracker.

“I have prototypes I am working on,” Voigt said. “I hope to launch within the next 30 days if all goes well. I hope to have something ready in February.”

He’s been working on the design for six months, but has been inventing all his life.

“David has a product and he’s been putting the finishing touches (on it),” Musilli said. “He’s trying to do some market research. I’d say he’s about one month away.”

William Rowell, from Englewood, is working to produce an efficient cooling system using a Stirling motor, for use in server rooms where cooling is problematic.

“Companies can’t have enough air conditioning in those rooms,” Rowell said. “They spend $486 billion annually to cool their server rooms normally. They’re sophisticated cooling systems.”

Rowell is president of DEPCO South, a marketing and sales firm. He’s been in the industrial air-conditioning business for several years. He started taking an interest in Stirling motors after a trip to a cryogenics lab in Georgia showed their use in medicine.

“You can trace the Stirling motor back to its use in the 1800s,” he said. “It uses heat to power the motor. I found these heat pipes called a thermal siphon. It’s very simple. It’s coil-filled refrigerator and it’s just sealed copper tube. You tap into the heads and it cycles from hot to cold.”

“I’m still working to build the prototype,” Rowell said. “I may need about $20,000. We have a viable product. We could have two units — one in the beta and the other for a demo unit for internal testing.”

Musilli said he speculates the long term development with Rowell may take up to six months as a prototype is developed.



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