Church roof repairs nearly complete

 PHOTO PROVIDED BY JEAN AIREY    The crew from Englewood Roofing prepares the roof of the Historic Green Street Church for its new plywood deck and shingles.

The crew from Englewood Roofing prepares the roof of the Historic Green Street Church for its new plywood deck and shingles.

ENGLEWOOD — Historic Green Street Church’s roof renovation project is coming together and may be completed as soon as next week, according to Jackie Davids, president of Englewood Roofing.

Also known as the Little White Church, Green Street Church is located at 416 W. Green St.

The Lemon Bay Historical Society, which meets in the church, is having the building’s roof reinforced with plywood and having the shingles replaced. Members spent two years raising the money for the repairs but vice president Jean Airey said the roof project depleted much of the society’s funds.

“The original estimate was over $9,000,” Airey said. “There was an additional $4,000 on top of that which is now dipping into reserves. It’s about $13,000 altogether.”

The project is not a minor undertaking.

“The plywood and the boards that were underneath it before are getting smaller and we’re trying to get it within (Sarasota) County code,” Davids said. “Once we reinforce the roof with plywood, we’re putting down the (Polystick) IRX E, which is self adhesive, and nailing on shingles. We found the shingles to be very old.”

The biggest problem, Davids said, is the steepness of the roof.

“They use harnesses because of the pitch,” she said. “Of course, they have toe boards on the bottom.”

The project is one of the biggest for Englewood Roofing in over 50 years of operation.

“We were supposed to do the Cookie House, but Charlotte County took over,” Davids said. The project began on Monday. Airey said the last time the roof was redone was around the 1990s. “It took several years to refurbish,” she said. “We don’t even know if it’s the original roof. The deck has shrunk over time and the plywood will reinforce it like a double deck. It will help reinforce the infrastructure.”

The building has been in existence since 1928.

“We hoped to have started (the project) earlier,” Airey said. “The board approved it in April. By that time (Englewood Roofing) had a number of jobs in place. We picked Englewood Roofing out of three companies because they provided the best value. ”

Airey said the historical society is grateful for the donations that have been received, but they still need help replenishing their coffers.

Donations can be mailed to Lemon Bay Historical Society, P.O. Box 1245, Englewood, FL 34293.

For more information, call 941-474-3764.


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