Jeff Tedford’s Limited NFL Success Showing with Bucs

NFL NEWS: Jeff Tedford

Returning Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford has had great success at the college level, but questionable at the NFL level.

Here’s a look at the first round NFL quarterbacks he produced.


Trent Dilfer
At Fresno State, he developed Trent Dilfer, whom the Bucs selected as the sixth overall pick in the 1994 draft and David Carr, whom the Houston Texans selected as the first overall pick in 2002 draft.During Dilfer’s 13-year NFL career spanning from 1994-2007, he played for five franchises: Bucs, Ravens, Seahawks, Browns and Niners. He never topped 3,000 passing yards in a single season, but did top 20 passing touchdowns and surpassed a QB rating of 80 both twice in his career. He finished with 20,518 passing yards, a 55.5 completion percentage and a rating of 70.2 for his career.

Dilfer made the Pro Bowl in 1997 and won a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens in 2000 in which he hoisted the Lombardi Trophy in Tampa, the city that just deposed him. Dilfer’s most successful years with the Bucs and Ravens were thanks to dominant running and defense while not making mistakes.

While Dilfer never amounted to more than a game manager, it did buy him six more years in the league albeit with the similar mediocre numbers that defined his career with a final stint with the San Francisco 49ers in 2007.


Carr served as starter for the Texans his first five years playing all but four games during his time there. Since departing Houston, he’s been struggling for a stable backup position getting stints with the Carolina Panthers, New York Giants and Niners, playing a combined 16 games.He’s topped 3,000 passing yards only once in 2004 which was also the most touchdowns he’s thrown in a single season with 14. Carr hasn’t seen much in terms of interest since his second release from the Giants in 2013 though he does have a Super Bowl ring as a member of their championship team in 2011. He has 14,452 passing yards, 65 TDs, 71 INTs and 74.9 rating for his career.

At Oregon, Tedford developed Akili Smith, who was the third overall selection of the 1999 draft going to the Cincinnati Bengals, and Joey Harrington, the third overall selection of the 2002 draft going to the Detroit Lions.

Smith had a lackluster sever-year stint in the NFL while only playing six years. His last two destinations, the Green Bay Packers in 2003 and Bucs in 2005, were tryouts before he was ultimately released. During Smith’s four-year stint with the Bengals, he would only play 22 games never for a full season. He spent most of his career on the bench finishing for an unremarkable 2,212 passing yards, five TDs, 13 interceptions, and 52.8 average QB rating.

Harrington had a seven-year stint in the league, most of it with the Lions. He would go on to play for the Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints. Harrington topped 3,000 yards only once in his career in 2004, his best season as he also threw his most TDs with 19. It would also be his last full season as starter. The Saints released Harrington in 2009. Harrington finished his career with 14,693 passing yards, 79 TDs, 85 INTs and a 69.4 QB rating.

At California, Tedford developed Kyle Boller, the 19th overall selection in the 2003 draft going to the Ravens and Aaron Rodgers, the 24th overall selection in the 2005 draft going to the Packers.

Boller only topped 2,000 passing yards once over his ten-year career in the NFL in 2004. He also threw for 13 TDs also his highest in a single season. Boller would serve stints with the Rams and the Raiders. Boller ended up retiring after signing a contract with the San Diego Chargers in 2012.

Despite his lackluster numbers, Boller is second for career passing yards for a Ravens quarterback with 7,846. He would finish with 8,931 passing yards, 48 TDs, 54 INTs, and 69.5 career rating.


Aaron RodgersRodgers would be the one anomaly of Tedford quarterbacks. Since taking over for Brett Favre as starter in 2008, Rodgers only dipped below 4,000 passing yards twice, once was due to an injury-shortened season in 2013 and the other time, he won Super Bowl XLV and MVP honors. Among the team records Rodgers currently owns which is amazing considering how long Favre was starter for the team, most passing yards in a season (4,643), most TD passes in a single season (45), highest completion percentage in a single season (68.3 percent), he also owns the NFL record for highest QB rating in a single season (122.5).

Going to his tenth year, Rodgers amassed 24,197 passing yards, 188 TDs, 52 INTs and a 104.9 career QB rating.

So how does this bode for the Bucs current QB roster?

Josh McCown and Mike Glennon are both third round picks. In McCown’s 12-year career, he’s only seen playing time in nine seasons. He’s never played a full season as a starter since being drafted 81st overall by the Cardinals. He’s only topped 2,000 passing yards once in his career…nearly 10 years ago. The jury’s still out on Glennon.

Which Tedford QB do you think we should compare him to? At this point, maybe a Dilfer or Carr at best. When Dilfer was at his best, he had the support of a running game and dominant defense. The Bucs are nowhere near that. Struggling to keep up with the likes of the Rams before being blown out by the Falcons is only a sign of worse things to come this season.


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