Five Candidates Who Could Run Bucs Offense in 2015

NFL NEWS: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs will see some dramatic changes if theyre not to repeat their progress as a 2-11 team and one could be at offensive coordinator for 2015.

Here are five names who can be running the offense.

Marcus Arroyo

Arroyo, who was originally hired as quarterbacks coach, fell into as the interim offensive coordinator position with Jeff Tedfords medical leave. The title of interim was removed with Tedfords resignation December 5.

Arroyos inexperience at the NFL level showed, but his results arent that much different than that of Greg Olson, the quarterbacks coach who took over for Jeff Jagodzinski upon his firing. The 2009 Bucs finished 28th in offense while the 2014 Bucs currently rank 29th in offense. While Olson has ran NFL offenses before, Arroyo hasnt. With Arroyo in full control, the offense could grow in his mold rather than Tedfords.

Mike Martz

Martz has history with head coach Lovie Smith. Martz, then head coach of the St. Louis Rams, hired Smith to be his defensive coordinator and together they went to Super Bowl XXXVI where they lost to the New England Patriots.

Smith repaid Martzs favor by hiring him to be his offensive coordinator in 2010 for the Chicago Bears. Philosophical differences with Smith prompted Martzs resignation from the position in 2012 and within a couple of weeks, Martz announced his retirement from coaching.

The prospect of working with a top five quarterback and possible autonomy from a front office might lure Martz back.

A Martz system would be the antithesis of the conservative offenses Bucs fans would be used to, but in a more pass-centric league, the time might be right for him to come back.

Ron Turner

Turner was the offensive coordinator during Smiths campaign to Super Bowl XLI. During that year, the Bears ranked 15th offense in the NFL in total yards. The team also scored 38 offensive touchdowns, the most the teams produced since Turners last stint as Bears offensive coordinator when the team recorded 44 in 1995. Turner was not retained in favor of Martz.

Turner is also familiar with the Bucs serving as quarterbacks coach under Greg Schiano in 2012. The Bucs finished ninth in offense that year and 10th in passing. So far, Turners stint as Florida International Universitys football coach is not going so well right now at a combined overall 5-19 record.

Mike Tice

Tice served under Smith as offensive line coach and offensive coordinator with the Bears from 2010 to 2012. Tice succeeded Martz as offensive coordinator after his resignation.

While the Bears finished 28th overall in offense during his lone year as coordinator, Tice did help the Minnesota Vikings set an NFL record for the most consecutive games with over 300 yards of offense with 36. A new quarterback could invigorate Tices offense the way Daunte Culpepper did for his Vikings.

Rob Chudzinski

As the only person on this list who hasnt had any prior history with Lovie Smith, Chudzinski has familiarity with the NFC South with his stint as offensive coordinator with the Carolina Panthers.

Chudzinski helped develop quarterback Cam Newton into a star transforming the worst offense in 2010 averaging 258.4 yards a game to the seventh best offense in 2011 averaging 389.8 yards a game. They were also fifth in scoring with 406 and set a franchise record for total yards in a season.

With his stock at an all-time-high, he took his talents to the Cleveland Browns in 2013 where he was fired following a 4-12 record.

Chudzinskis familiarity with the NFC South could make him a favorite for the position.


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