Three More Names Who Can Run Bucs Offense in 2015

NFL News: Tampa Bay Bucs

Lovie Smith and Bucs will have a lot to think about going into the offseason as they seek a new offensive coordinator.

For the record, I’m not starting any rumors, but rather throwing names out there who could be an ideal fit. Here are three more choices who they should consider to run the offense in 2015.

Greg Roman

With head coach Jim Harbaughs departure all but imminent from the San Francisco 49ers, Roman could be an interesting candidate based on his history in developing quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

While it may not be completely Josh McCown and Mike Glennons fault at their poor play this season, theyre certainly getting the brunt of the blame as per the quarterback position, as the face of the unit. Marcus Arroyo couldnt be both an effective coordinator and quarterbacks coach to effectively run the offense.

Roman raised Kaepernick to be a dual threat on the ground and the air. Kaepernick has thrown for 8,211 yards, completed 60.1 percent of his passes, thrown for 48 touchdowns and 21 interceptions through 47 games in his four-year career. Hes also rushed for 1,513 yards for 10 touchdowns and set an NFL record 181 rushing yards in a postseason game by a quarterback.

The Niners havent been the most successful of offenses finishing in the bottom third in the league three out of four years. The team finished 11th in offense in 2012, which the Niners ultimately lost in the Harbaugh Bowl with Jim facing his brother John of the Baltimore Ravens.

Romans experience doesnt just end with the Niners, he also served stints with the Carolina Panthers, Houston Texans and Ravens prior to joining Harbaughs staff in Stanford.

Roman could find himself in a similar situation in the Bucs with Smith and (possibly still) Leslie Frazier taking care of the defense.

If Roman is picked for the position, expect the Bucs to pursue Michael Vick and/or draft Marcus Mariota. While Vick hasnt been the most effective passer, he still has a career 80.4 QB rating. Hes always a threat to run and would no doubt thrive under Roman.

Mariotas completed 66.6 percent of his passes for 10,115 yards, 101 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions through three years with the Oregon Ducks. Hes also rushed for a combined 2,136 yards for 28 touchdowns. Half of his scores came this year on his way to winning the 2014 Heisman Trophy.

Bill Musgrave

Musgraves coaching career spans seven franchises over 17 years. Prior to joining the Philadelphia Eagles as quarterbacks coach, he ran the Minnesota Vikings offense under Frazier (current Bucs defensive coordinator) for three years.

The Vikings finished in the middle of the pack in offense during Musgraves three-year stint with the team from 2011-2013. The team finished at best 13th in his final year with the team before joining Chip Kelly in 2014.

Kelly and offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur have led the Eagles to the second best offense in the league in 2013 and currently the fifth best offense (sixth in passing) in 2014.

The opportunity could be brewing for Musgrave to take what hes learned from Kelly to ignite a very needed spark to the Bucs offense in 2015 with Shurmur unlikely to be available, especially with the Eagles out of playoff contention.

Another reason the Bucs should consider Musgrave is the work he had to revitalize Mark Sanchez.

Randy Fichtner

Fichtner has served Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin for seven years beginning in 2007 where he served as wide receivers coach. He was promoted in 2010 to QB coach. Since his promotion, the Steelers finished at worst 14th in passing in his five years with the team. This year, the Steelers are currently the second best overall and passing offense in the league.

Under Fichtner, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger topped 4,000 passing yards three times. He topped 4,000 yards only one other time in his 11-year career. Currently, Roethlisberger is setting personal records with career highs in yardage, completions and completion percentage. He could very well reach 5,000 passing yards. He can easily top his career high in TD passes at 32 while currently at 30. He can also top his career high in QB rating at 104.1, currently at 103.8.


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