Manning and Hasselbeck, Bucs Potential 2015 Quarterbacks Part 2

NFL NEWS: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs new offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter has a lot of work ahead of him, but here are two quarterbacks who may help the transition.

The two names in question are Denver Broncos Peyton Manning and Indianapolis Colts Matt Hasselbeck.


Peyton Manning

As it was pointed out earlier, the cons certainly outweigh the pros, but one thing deep down inside Manning knows that despite all his talent and hall of fame career numbers, the one coach he won it all with, was Tony Dungy. What better Dungy disciple in dire need of team leadership especially on offense than Lovie Smith?

Smiths been to the big dance with far lesser talent, you know Rex Grossman on the losing end against the very same Manning, who was with the Colts. That game wasnt so much defined on Mannings arm as opposed to the definitive rushing and opportunistic of Dungys heydays with the Bucs. While 239 passing yards, one touchdown and one interception are an average/above average performance for a Bucs quarterback, it was a below average and uncharacteristic performance for Manning.

Its funny now that his former head coach John Fox is now the current head coach of the Chicago Bears since theyre Smiths former team.

Smiths first stint as defensive coordinator under St. Louis Rams then head coach Mike Martz in 2001 and making a Super Bowl together. Strange bedfellows allowed Martz to be Smiths offensive coordinator while with the Bears in 2010.

Could Manning be worth the no. 1 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft? Well here are a few things to note.

  • Manning is still producing at the top NFL-elite against players a little over half his age at 38.
  • Ask the Glazers who mortgaged the future in 2002 for two no. 1s and two no. 2 draft picks to the Oakland Raiders for a Super Bowl title with Jon Gruden.
  • Koetters been known to be a very quarterback-friendly coach, just ask David Garrard and Matt Ryan.

Need more proof? Think about how well Manning reads defenses just on his own? His ability to audible on the line and his ability to repeatedly make timely decisions and make superstars around him speaks of his unmatchable talent. His best year statistically? Not with the Colts, but with the Broncos, now two-years removed from his record-setting 5,477 passing yards and 55 touchdowns.

With John Fox gone, nows the time to pull the trigger for the Bucs and John Elway could take a chance and do what Colts owner Jim Irsay did back when he was left with the first overall pick in 2012, let Andrew Luck take the reins or take a chance that Manning would never be the same.

The playoffs made Irsay look smarter as Luck, for now, just took a step over his predecessor with his victory January 11.

If Mike Glennon is truly the future, imagine the invaluable lessons Manning would part with him should he decide to finally put up his cleats or even his trade value to the Bucs?

Speaking of the Colts.

matt_hasselbeck_2013Matt Hasselbeck

Hasselbeck, whos just one season less experience than Manning despite being one year his senior, might be the steady hand Josh McCown never was to this team.

Koetter, while hes praised both McCown and Glennon, can use the open competition adding Hasselbeck to the mix.

While Hasselbecks currently backing up Luck, hes been a reliable force in the league for 10 of his 16 seasons in the league including three Pro Bowls and a Super Bowl appearance with the Seattle Seahawks.

Hasselbeck is 52 away from reaching 35,000 career passing yards, 60 percent completion percentage, 82.3 career QB rating and already over 200 touchdowns in his career.


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