Top Four Wide Receivers Bucs Can Target in 2015

NFL NEWS: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With the emergence of Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson staying, for now, here are a few names who can bolster the receiving corps for the 2015 Bucs.

Greg Jennings

Jennings most productive seasons were with the Green Bay Packers when Aaron Rodgers was throwing to him where he topped 1,000 receiving yards three out of seven years with the team and came within 100 yards in two seasons. Jennings had 425 catches for 6,537 yards and 53 touchdowns for the Packers playing 96 of 112 games.

He left for the Minnesota Vikings in 2013 totaling 127 catches for 1,546 yards and 10 touchdowns before becoming a free agent again this year. The key statistic is that during Jennings time with the Packers, he averaged 15 yards per reception while he averaged 12.2 yards.

Having never broke 1,000 yards since the 2010 season and being 31 might not command the salary Jennings once did. Becoming part of an ensemble of talented receivers, the prospect of working with an elite passing attack again, and being familiar with a former NFC North coach hes seen having success in Lovie Smith, might entice Jennings to come to Tampa as a slot receiver as a proven deep threat.

Giants_Hakeem_Nicks_2013Hakeem Nicks

Nicks, whos also looking to reclaim his past receiver glory years, hasnt had a 1,000 yard season since 2011 when he was with the New York Giants. Nicks had a serviceable five-year run with the Giants catching 311 passes for 4,622 yards and 27 touchdowns playing in 70 of 80 games.

Nicks left for the Colts in 2014 where he saw his production cut down significantly with career lows in receptions (38) and yards (405), but scored four touchdowns. He still has plenty to left in the tank at the age of 27 and would definitely be a benefit for the Bucs who could use Nicks to spread the field,especially since he averaged nearly 15 yards per catch while he was a Giant.

Nate Washington

Despite only breaking 1,000 yards only once in Washingtons 11 seasons in the league, hes remained a productive receiver averaging 15.3 yards a catch for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans. Hes currently ranked first among all NFL wide receivers playing 160 consecutive games.

Washington has 6,296 receiving yards from 411 catches and 40 touchdowns for his career. His career receiving yards ranks third among undrafted players behind Wes Welker and Antonio Gates.

Dezmin Lewis

Lewis might be a diamond in the rough for his physical frame and size, which is important when it comes to out leaping and blocking defenders. The 6-foot-4, 214 lb. product of Central Arkansas is a three-time Southland Conference selection finishing second in career receptions (197), third in receiving yards (2,618) and receiving touchdowns (24), according to Rob Rang of NFL Draft Scout.

As a projected mid-rounder, the Bucs may be able to pick him up should he be available for the fourth round. The Bucs could use his efficient route running for short and medium passes with his questionable top speed, but he’ll need to work on awareness.


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