Bucs, the First Overall Pick at QB and Chances of Super Bowl

NFL NEWS: Tampa Bay Bucs

As most project FSUs Jameis Winston to be the first overall pick by the Bucs in the 2015 NFL draft, lets look at the picks success winning the Super Bowl.

Winstons bold declaration to win a Super Bowl is the aim of every NFL player in this league.

Terry_Bradshaw_SteelersTo date, only eight first overall picks have been on the winning team playing in Super Bowls while only six have had the luxury of leading their team to victory since the AFL-NFL merger in 1966. Just think, of the 49 Super Bowls that have been played, the teams most important position went to what is considered the best college football had to offer have won it 14 times. Thats only 29 percent, among six people.

John_Elway_BroncosPittsburgh Steelers’ Terry Bradshaw (1970) leads the way with four Super Bowl wins. Dallas Cowboys’ Troy Aikman (1989) has three wins. Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders’ Jim Plunkett (1971), Denver Broncos’ John Elway (1983), and New York Giants’ Eli Manning (2004) have two Super Bowl victories. Peyton Manning (1998), who was originally drafted by the Indianapolis Colts, won his first Super Bowl with the team. He also earns the distinction as the only first overall quarterback pick to lead another team in the Broncos to a Super Bowl in a losing fashion. Plunkett, who was drafted by the New England Patriots, is the only Super Bowl-winning first overall drafted quarterback who didnt take his original team to the Super Bowl. Plunkett also remains the only retired player on this list not elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Drew Bledsoe (1993) won a ring, but sat on the sidelines during the Patriots first Super Bowl under head coach Bill Belichick. After getting knocked out in the second game due to injury of the 2001 season, backup and sixth rounder, Tom Brady took over for the majority of the snaps. Bledsoe did have a hand in playoff success as he led the team past the Steelers in the AFC Championship game replacing a hobbling Brady.

David Carr (2002) also won a ring, but as Eli Mannings backup in New York. He was originally drafted by the Houston Texans in their inaugural draft.

So what does this mean for the Bucs chances at a Super Bowl?

Well you have 20 first overall drafted quarterback picks with six having a direct hand in leading their team to the promise land. Based on current trends, should the Bucs pick up Winston as first overall, he would have a 30 percent chance to win the Super Bowl or in the very least, a 40 percent chance to be on a team on the sidelines for a title. Carr and Plunkett are the only entries on this list to have not won rings with their original teams.

Even if Winston doesnt end up winning a Super Bowl, he has at least an 85 percent chance (or 17 of 20 quarterbacks) at a long successful career save for Carr, Tim Couch and JaMarcus Russell.


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